Image presents a the OAK & STONE FLOORS flooring design showroom in Portland Oregon for, displaying Evoke, Kentwood, Provenza, Surface Art, and more, floor covering samples.
OAK & STONE FLOORS – Portland Store Showroom

Locally Owned & Operated Flooring Store

OAK & STONE FLOORS is a locally owned, family business. We have been serving the Portland and Vancouver metro areas, as a flooring and floor covering company, for the past decade. Our first store, the Portland, Oregon showroom, opened doors in 2015. Our second store, the Vancouver, Washington design center, opened doors in 2021. Our stores provide a personal and thorough experience for all. Whether you are a homeowner, a builder, or a real estate agent, we are here to assist you, from design and layout to flooring selection, purchase and installation. From a small bathroom floor to a hotel renovation, we are here to help you. We encourage you to put your trust in OAK & STONE FLOORS for gracious service and masterful craftsmanship.

Image is a picture of, Vlad Vasilchishin, the store owner and business developer of OAK & STONE FLOORS, the premiere flooring stores in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

At the helm of OAK & STONE FLOORS is our owner, Vlad Vasilchishin. Go ahead, take your shot at pronouncing that last name. It’s a tongue twister, for sure. Vlad grew up in the Portland area, so he is familiar with his local customers’ needs and tastes. He considers you, the customer, a friend and he will see to your flooring, design and installation with an attention to detail that will leave you refreshed and pleased. Like so many of our customers, once you are served by Vlad, you will consider him a favorite, local business owner.

OAK & STONE FLOORS is your local flooring, hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, natural stone and vinyl expert in the Northern Oregon and Southern Washington areas of Portland and Vancouver.

Image presents stone wall and flooring with locally owned OAK & STONE FLOORS Portland Oregon store.

Count On Us To Get You There

Thank you for your interest in OAK & STONE FLOORS. We believe our customers deserve a professional and courteous flooring experience. We aspire to provide an efficient and smooth shopping progression, from estimate to floor covering selection to installation. We know you are counting on us to deliver.

We understand when your room, home or office is turned upside down, with the furniture removed and the old flooring being removed, that you want to get back to normal as soon as possible. You can count on us to get you there.

Request your free estimate today or give us a call with your flooring project questions. Call – 971.271.7274

From Our Family To Yours

OAK & STONE FLOORS is a locally owned, family business with over two decades of experience serving the local greater Portland-metro area. We feature the highest quality products including tile, hardwood, natural stone, carpet, laminate, LVT, slab, Formica and more. Set up an appointment with us to see what we offer. We look forward to serving you!

The image presents a rock with OAK & STONE FLOORS etched into it. They say things of importance are written in stone.
“Superlative service, written in stone.”

Hit the Home Renovation Button

Choose OAK & STONE FLOORS To Renovate Your Home

Are you struggling with the idea of tackling your home remodel yourself? Don’t let the old stand in the way of the new. Hit the Home Renovation Button. We can renovate your home or office space for you whether it be a single room remodel or a total makeover, complete with new wall tile, countertops and floor covering.

We’ll provide a worry-free renovation. Sit back, relax and put your mind at ease.

Do you need a kitchen remodel in Vancouver? OAK & STONE FLOORS remodels single rooms too, including your kitchen.

Flooring Selections Available

OAK & STONE FLOORS is your local flooring expert for hardwood, tile, carpet, resilient sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, LVP, LVT, laminate and natural stone sales, design and installation in the northern Oregon, Portland surrounding areas and the southern Washington, Vancouver surrounding areas.

Carpet Flooring For Your Home

With the heavy marketing and promotion of engineered laminate wood flooring and LVP floor covering (Luxury Vinyl Planks), homeowners have done a one-eighty in selecting carpet flooring for their homes. They have become convinced that carpet harbors allergens, that it stains easily, and that it is difficult to keep clean. Do these perceptions hold water? Let’s find out.

Carpet Flooring & Allergens

Does carpet flooring host allergens? It can, but you shouldn’t let that drive you away from carpet. Every home is a host to allergens, whether it is floored with LVP, laminate wood flooring, or carpet. Dust mites, allergens, and other airborne particles do collect in the fibers of carpet flooring, but they also lay on luxury vinyl plank flooring and on laminate wood floor covering. Allergens are present, regardless of the type of flooring.

A claimed benefit of carpet flooring is that it can, almost like a filter, trap or collect some of the particles of dust and allergens, removing them from airborne circulation. In this way, carpet may reduce the amount of particles that are recycled back into the air. Hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate flooring, do not catch dust or allergens; they allow them to be wafted back into the air. Reducing the overall load of dust mites and allergens in your home can be accomplished, whether carpeted or floored in hardwoods, by regular and consistent cleaning. The more often you vacuum your carpet, the less dust and allergens the carpet will contain.

Carpet Flooring & Stains

Stains! Coffee, blood, pet accidents; you know them well. With today’s flooring technologies, carpet stains will not be a problem if you purchase stain resistant carpet. With stain resistant carpet, your battle with stains is nearly won; especially if you regularly monitor your carpet. Keeping an eye out, you’ll be sure to notice new spills. If you clean spills up quickly, carpet staining culprits will have lost not only the battle, but the war.

If, for some reason, you don’t catch a spill early and it does turn into a stain, all hope is not lost. Let us share a customer story that proves this point.

One of our customers asked us about the best way to clean carpet, because her husband had accidentally spilled coffee on their new, light colored carpet. The wife, who works at a local school, asked the janitor for his suggestion on cleaners that might remove the coffee stain. She gave his suggestions a try, but none of them worked. Then she reached out to us. We went out to her house and sprayed FOLEX® Instant Carpet Spot Remover on the coffee stain and it took it right out. She was shocked!

OAK & STONE FLOORS does carry FOLEX® Instant Carpet Spot Remover at its stores. If you have a stain in your carpet, consider stopping buy to pick up a bottle.

Ingredients In FOLEX® Instant Carpet Spot Remover

  • Water, as a Carrier
  • Acrylic Polymer (No Free Acrylic Acid), as a Chelant
  • Trisodium Dicarboxy Alaninate, as a Chelant
  • Sodium Silicate, as a Corrosian Inhibitor
  • Ethoxylate Alcohol, as a Surfactant
  • Primary Arnine (No DEA), as a ph Buffer

Carpet Flooring Maintenance

Is carpet difficult to maintain? No. Carpet is quite simple to maintain. One key to maintaining a clean carpet is not neglecting it, while cleaning it frequently. If you just look at your carpet regularly; you will stay on top of spills and, as a result, your carpet maintenance will be a whiz as you keep it looking fresh and beautiful.

It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week. Do a carpet deep-clean at least once a year. Follow manufacturer warranty instructions. Remove spills quickly to avoid stains. Aside from the above, regularly monitor high use areas and pay attention to damaging factors, such as the wheels on office chairs, etc. If you stick with it, maintaining your home’s carpet should be easier than babysitting your child’s pet guinea pig when they are away to summer camp?

Carpet Flooring & Comfort

In terms of comfort, carpet is C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E! No other flooring provides the relax factor like carpet does. The soft textures of plush carpet take you away to that place of snuggled up coziness within your own home. Parents with kids choose carpet. Carpet is comfortable and you won’t be sitting on a cold tile floor next winter.

Carpet Flooring & Safety

Safety is an important factor for parents with children. The softness of carpet can cushion falls and provide a measure of safety for children as they play and run about the house. Hard floor surfaces do not cushion impacts and can pose slip hazards. Placing area rugs on hard surface flooring can introduce trip hazards. Some have elderly parents move in and the safety factor of carpet with children translates to caring for parents as well.

Customizing Carpet Flooring

Today’s options that are available in carpet flooring allow you to install a multitude of colors, textures, patterns, and fiber types. Today’s carpets aren’t flooring fillers, they can introduce expressive design elements that add elegance to the décor of any room. Newer styles include high and low loops, layered textures, and patterns in myriad shapes and sizes. Carpet allows for broad versatility in complimenting adjoining, wood flooring and you can find the perfect match for those wall colors.

LVP & LVT For Your Home

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) & Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Differences Between LVP & LVT

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two styles, plank and tile. The plank style is referred to as LVP, for luxury vinyl plank. The tile style is referred to as LVT, for luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl planks come in dimensions similar to that of hardwood plank flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles come in dimensions similar to ceramic tile. LVT can be square or rectangular.

LVP & LVT Benefits

Luxury vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tile flooring very convincingly mimic the look of natural hardwood and natural stone because today’s luxury vinyls are made with innovative photographic technologies that allow for the image of hardwood and tile to be placed in one of the middle layers of the flooring material. So LVP and LVT deliver the realistic looks of hardwood and stone or tile while still providing the durability benefits that come with conventional vinyl floor covering. The result of these combinations of floor covering technologies provides beautiful looking hardwood and rustic looking tile flooring that are easy to maintain due to their high-performance, waterproof properties and exceptional stain resistance.

Luxury vinyl can provide warmth to a home and comfort to your feet in ways traditional hardwood or stone flooring cannot. Unlike ceramic, porcelain or natural stone flooring, luxury vinyl does not crack or break.

Installing LVP OR LVT

You may prefer to have your LVP or LVT professionally installed, and if that is the case, OAK & STONE FLOORS has you covered. If you are a DIYer, you may have interest in the following.

Your LVP or LVT luxury vinyl flooring may come in sheets, planks or square tiles. Depending on the type of luxury vinyl flooring you have chosen, the installation may involve snapping planks together, gluing down sheets, or peeling the backing off of tiles. The installation of planks should begin by laying them at the edge of a room and working across the room.

If vinyl tiles are being installed one should begin in the center of the room to create a symmetrical pattern. Start by loose laying the tiles (without adhesive) and adjust the placement of the center tile so the tiles meeting the walls on the opposing sides of the room do so either at symmetrical depths into the tiles or so the tile meeting one wall does so at the tile’s natural edge if/when the tile meeting the wall on the opposing side of the room does so in an area where it is hidden from view or where it is close to the tile’s natural edge. Once the installer knows where the center tile will be placed for the best look with the tiles that meet all four walls, the installer can proceed to the next step.

The successful installation of glue down luxury vinyl flooring depends upon its ability to stick to the subfloor. Allow the bond to set firmly for several hours before replacing any trim or appliances.

If you are not up to the task of installing your own LVP or LVT, the OAK & STONE FLOORS team of flooring installation experts have the expertise and tools to complete your installation correctly. If you’re looking at luxury vinyl flooring for your home, OAK & STONE FLOORS have experienced sales experts to help you get the right flooring for your specific needs.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon or the Vancouver, Washington metro areas; from Kelso and Longview up north to Salem down south, OAK & STONE FLOORS provides quality brand luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile for your residential home flooring needs. We provide LVP and LVT luxury vinyl flooring in the brands of COREtec, Provenza, Kentwood, Shaw, Mohawk, Metropolitan, Evoke, Tri-West, Aurora, Armstrong and more. We offer free estimates, free in-home design and flooring selection consultation and professional, expert floor covering installation. We look forward to serving you in your search for your LVP or LVT at the place where the journey to beautiful floors begins – OAK & STONE FLOORS.

Laminate Flooring For Your Home

Laminate flooring offers value pricing that includes durability and good looks. Laminate is available in styles that mimic natural materials such as wood grain and stone, as well as styles with a variety of colors and geometric patterns. If you’re looking to install laminate flooring in your home, OAK & STONE FLOORS has the floor covering experts that can help you get the right laminate flooring for your specific needs and the professional installers who will install your laminate properly.

Your Best Laminate Flooring Choice

Laminate flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas and active families. OAK & STONE FLOORS offers many laminate flooring brand options to help you choose the best flooring for your home. Four layers make up laminate flooring. The four layers are the wear layer, the design layer, the core layer and the back layer. The back layer provides stability to the flooring, protecting it against moisture and keeping the floor even and balanced. The core layer is a high-density board that helps with the prevention of indentations. The design layer is where the art of the laminate comes alive, providing an artistic look that appears organic. The wear layer is the top layer that protects the three layers beneath from burns, stains, and fading.

Getting Rid Of Flooring And Obstacles

When installing laminate flooring, the room must be clear for the installation of your laminate flooring. The removal of the original flooring will create a lot of debris. The expert installers from OAK & STONE FLOORS can dispose of this for you.

Checking And Preparing The Sub-Floor

Concrete sub-floors can become problematic over time. Uneven sub-flooring leads to uneven laminate flooring. Sometimes the attempt to level sub-flooring that is uneven may lead to structural problems that can only be resolved with a structural engineer, so it is important to foresee these potential problems before laying new laminate flooring.

Installing Laminate Flooring Underlayment

Installing an underlayment over the sub-floor, in many cases, is advisable. It allows the installer to manually sand the wood underlayment to provide an even base for your laminate installation and it protects the laminate from moisture, which may cause your laminate to buckle or warp over time. The plywood needs to acclimate to your home’s humidity and temperature before installation. If it is not acclimated, you could have problems with your laminate down the road. Our professional installers will know how long to let the underlayment acclimate to allow it to perform optimally.

Preparing The Laminate Flooring

Just like the underlayment, laminate flooring must also be allowed to acclimate to the temperature of your home. Laminate that has been stored at temperatures colder than those in your home will change shape as it warms inside. Each piece of laminate should be warmed in the home for one to two days to ensure that it is stable. Pieces that aren’t allowed to warm will expand over time and they can put pressure on the entire floor, causing other, long-term problems.

Installing The Laminate Flooring

Today’s laminates do not require a hammer to position them properly. Most laminates simply click together. Even though a laminate is acclimated to a living space, there can still be some expansion. To account for this, extra space is left around the edges of the room. The team of professional installers from OAK & STONE FLOORS has the expertise necessary to properly install your laminate flooring with the proper amount of edge spacing for optimal expansion performance without associated problems.

Professional Laminate Flooring Guidance

At OAK & STONE FLOORS, we will guide you through the process of selecting your laminate flooring and installing it, whether you’re looking to put laminate in your home or in a vacation getaway.

Laminate Flooring Installation Warranty

Depending on the brand manufacturer, your OAK & STONE FLOORS laminate purchase, with installation from OAK & STONE FLOORS installers, may come with a lifetime installation warranty. If it does, and your laminate flooring has a problem related to the flooring material or to the installation; we will, within warranty coverage, make your flooring right again. You are in good hands when you choose OAK & STONE FLOORS for laminate flooring installation in your home.

Call For Laminate Flooring Assistance

Call us today at 971.271.7274 (Portland Store) or 360.314.2109 (Vancouver Store) to begin your journey to beautiful laminate home flooring. Take advantage of the easy maintenance, the durability and the virtually unlimited design options that laminate flooring can offer.