OAK & STONE FLOORS Kitchen Remodel in Vancouver, Washington and Portland Oregon. 

OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service in Vancouver, Washington is a professional remodel and renovation service of our local floor covering store. We are available to renovate and remodel your kitchen. We are expert interior designers ready to help you design your dream kitchen. Our experienced, expert contractors have helped Vancouver residents remodel their homes for more than 20 years.

Our professionals can help you develop a remodel plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. We use the best quality materials, hardware, and durable flooring, on renovations and remodel construction; so your kitchen will look fabulous for years. Do you want a new kitchen in your home? Discover more about us below.

Image presents your floor, your choice; the OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen contractor remodeling service for Vancouver Washington.

About OAK & STONE FLOORS Remodel Service

We have been remodeling and renovating homes for over 20 years. We are an experienced team of remodelers; including a general contractor as well as subcontractors for plumbing, electrical and paint, who excel at kitchen remodeling. We have designed kitchens that meet our customers needs and fulfil their dreams. You can have custom cabinets with a design that will perfectly fit into your kitchen. When homeowners have wanted to add new floors, countertops, or even appliances, to their kitchens, we have delivered. We use materials, hardware, flooring, lighting, sinks and appliances from Brand name manufacturers.


Our Kitchen Remodel Services

Do you need your kitchen remodeled? OAK & STONE FLOORS’ kitchen remodel service for Vancouver WA is ready to meet your remodeling needs. We offer construction, flooring, countertop, lighting, electrical and plumbing services. We can provide and install what you desire, from traditional to modern. Our team will do everything within their power to renovate and remodel your home on your schedule. We provide custom kitchen cabinets and can have cabinets designed to fit your home perfectly. Let us design a kitchen that will rival the best of restauranteurs.

Your Kitchen Renovation

Image presents the OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service for Vancouver Washington which can renovate your old kitchen with a modern look and style to make your residential home kitchen the complete dream room.

Your Kitchen Renovation

Would you like to renovate your kitchen? The OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service in Vancouver WA offers professional kitchen renovation services. We can renovate your kitchen to meet your highest culinary aspirations with the upgrades of your choice. Call us for your flooring, countertops and cabinets upgrade, today. We have over 20 years of experience renovating kitchens. Our labor and installation rates are set to make your renovation affordable. We will design and install kitchen floor covering, countertops, cabinets, sinks and lighting that will give your kitchen the look you have dreamed of.

Your Kitchen Remodel

Image presents the OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service for Vancouver Washington which can renovate your old kitchen with a clean, classic look and style to make your residential home kitchen the complete dream room.

Your Kitchen Remodel

Do you want to remodel your kitchen? Remodeling a kitchen is a large investment. Today, there are more options than one has the time to look at. Choosing the ideal combination of floors, countertops, cabinets and appliances can be a daunting experience. Our OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel team has years of experience in designing and remodeling kitchens in the Vancouver WA area. Customers are usually pleased that our kitchen remodel labor and remodel installation rates make what could be a very expensive home upgrade into an affordable expense with good return on investment value.

Contact Us For Your Kitchen Remodel Today

Websites can only do so much to assist you with a kitchen renovation, so please call us today if you would like to learn more about OAK & STONE FLOORS, our products or our services? Our many Portland and Vancouver area customers provide helpful testimonials if you have the time to read some of our Google and houzz Reviews. Our customer reviews can help you decide if we are the premier kitchen remodel provider in Vancouver WA. We are ready to provide kitchen remodeling and renovation services that meet your needs while fitting your budget. To discover more about us, please call the phone number below. You can also email us via the email address in the Vancouver store section on our Contact page or at the email address you can find in the footer section of all of our web pages. We work hard at replying to all customers in a timely manner.


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Kitchen Remodeling

Complete Kitchen Remodels

Your kitchen is one of the areas in your home that receives the most traffic. In many respects, it is a central focus of your home. You cook your meals, prepare school and work lunches, bake treats for community activities and more. It is the room that everyone gravitates toward. Sometimes the lengthy conversations and social gatherings in your kitchen take the place of your living room. OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service, for Vancouver, can help you with partial and complete kitchen remodeling.

Depending on your needs, there can be many different aspects to a successful kitchen remodel. You may only need a small project that focuses on certain areas such as the tile countertop, the cabinets or the flooring and walls; or you may want a complete overhaul that renovates your current kitchen into a room that is altogether unrecognizable. Our OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel customers will tell you that we consider the full picture before beginning any kitchen remodeling project and we efficiently execute the plan with a high priority given to the attention to detail. For any kitchen remodeling need you may have, we have the experience to ensure your job is well done and built to last.

If your kitchen remodel is a smaller project, we won’t have to tear your whole kitchen apart. Smaller projects can include the replacing of Formica countertops with granite or simply replacing your kitchen vinyl flooring with ceramic or porcelain tile, for a more durable and authentic look. Seemingly small renovations can bring new life to your kitchen and you’ll smile each time you walk in to get your next meal and that is certainly what you want from the focal point of your home. If you need a small kitchen renovation or remodel, contact OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service today and we can provide you an estimate and eventually make your kitchen the splendid focal point of your home.

Your Local Kitchen Remodel Experts

OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel service can completely remodel your kitchen and we can do kitchen remodels that are not complete, but which still are major renovations, with expertise and efficiency. Major to complete kitchen remodel or renovations can include all new countertops, backsplash and wall tile, new cabinets and flooring or a complete remapping of the kitchen floor plan.

You may need a complete kitchen remodel, or kitchen overhaul, because the old is worn out. Your countertops or cabinets may be showing signs of wear. You may want a new floor plan to render your space to be more efficient or to bring a completely different mood and feel to your food area. Whatever your need, OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen remodel and renovation service can give your kitchen the transformation you want.

We are remodel experts and we aim to show our professionalism in every aspect of your kitchen remodel with results that will not leave you in doubt of our honesty and care for your home. Our kitchen remodel is custom work using the the highest grade, brand name materials. Our design experience allows us to work with you to ensure your floor plans are the best they can be for your lifestyle. A kitchen is more than the chow hall, it is the centerpiece of your home. It is that place where families talk and friends gather. Your kitchen should be all of that and more.

For your kitchen remodel or renovation, large or small, contact us in Vancouver Washington today and we can discuss what options are available for you. With OAK & STONE FLOORS, your journey to beautiful floors begins here and your trek to your new kitchen begins with your dreams.


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Custom Kitchen Remodeling Services for Vancouver homeowners from OAK & STONE FLOORS

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Vancouver there’s no better company to turn to than OAK & STONE FLOORS. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor and a flooring store providing full-service home remodeling for work in Washington. We offer an extensive list of kitchen remodeling services to help you turn your kitchen into the one you’ve always dreamed of. Whether that means something transitional, modern or something more traditional, you can count on OAK & STONE FLOORS to exceed your every expectation.

Image presents the OAK & STONE FLOORS kitchen contractor remodeling service for Vancouver Washington.

A kitchen design and remodeling project from OAK & STONE FLOORS can mean many new products and fixtures in the room your family uses most, such as:

  • Granite countertops
  • New sinks and faucets
  • Customized shelving options
  • New cabinetry or refaced cabinets
  • Wine racks
  • Lazy Susans
  • Spice racks
  • Elegant lighting
  • Crown molding
  • Tile, wood, LVP and laminate flooring
  • And more

Kitchen Remodel Styles

Classic Style Kitchen Remodel

The classic style kitchen is straightforward. The color palette usually goes with white or cream toned kitchen cabinets and architectural details that are simple in design. No classic kitchen would be complete without accents. The accents are all black, a highlight that counters the whites in a crisp, clean look.

Traditional Style Kitchen Remodel

The look of traditional kitchens are in the details. Whether the home is Victorian or classic American, its traditional kitchen style will express itself with decorative moldings and corbels, welcoming arches, raised-panel cabinets and antique finishes, lamp style or chandelier lighting, and of course, the traditional turned leg posts.

Modern Style Kitchen Remodel

A thesaurus, on modern, would lead one to descriptions such as current, contempo, fresh, and cutting edge, among others; all of which describe modern kitchen designs, with their simple hardware, the lack of ornamentation, frameless cabinets, and strong horizontal lines, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to direct the mood.

Contemporary Style Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary kitchens reflect the style of the current times. The contemporary kitchens of the 2020s have a sleek, open and airy, streamlined look, but still maintain a warm feel and they usually incorporate cutting-edge technology. Although sleek, today’s contemporary kitchens can display playful forms and finishes.

Transitional Style Kitchen Remodel

The transitional kitchen style is marked by the medley of two styles, the warmth and welcome of the traditional style and the clean, simple lines of the contemporary design. It moderates these two styles with a canny mix of balance and harmony. With transitional kitchens allowing for this mingling and flexibility, they’re a great choice for homeowners whose taste spans the two.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Remodel

A big kitchen table can be the anchor of a farmhouse kitchen! Farmhouses rose up from a life on the land and they provide great functionality with a warm and homey comfort. Their open shelving, wide sinks and classic flooring make them a pleasure to work in.

Rustic Style Kitchen Remodel

You have seen rustic kitchens, perhaps in a vacation magazine or in the home of a friend; those kitchens with distressed cabinet panels, the worn looking flooring and the rough hewn beams. Though the classic or modern kitchen is popular, some prefer the rustic kitchen, with their timber beams, stone backsplash, brick oven surround, vintage appliances and fireplaces.

Craftsman Style Kitchen Remodel

Craftsman style kitchens usually charm all who enter. They are all about natural wood. Their rich woods, heavier wooden cabinets, clean detailed lines, sturdy hardware, deep sinks, and handcrafted tiles, round out the craftsman style kitchen that welcomes with cozy warmth.

Cottage Style Kitchen Remodel

Cottage style kitchens are those folksy, comfortable, and cozy kitchens that hearken back to simpler times and that awaken a carefree, simple approach to the chores in the kitchen. With basic room colors, colorful curtain and table cloth accents, vintage hardware, hardwood floors, beadboard ceilings and painted plank walls, you are sure to enjoy the ease of your cottage kitchen.

Bistro Style Kitchen Remodel

If your taste buds call for the Parisian, Marie Antoinette flavored tea or the soothing café crème of espresso, maybe the bistro styling, found in the cafés of Paris, will make you feel right at home in your remodeled kitchen. Offset kitchen lighting, a delicate ceramic tea kettle, wall hung cookware, tile floors and ceramic tile backsplash with checkerboard accent will make you say, “Ahh!”.

Mediterranean Style Kitchen Remodel

Vibrant, hand-painted, handcrafted tile, dominating wood cabinets, open beam ceilings and arched cooking alcoves with their flared, stucco hoods are sure to transport you to the Mediterranean kitchens of Spain. Bienvenidos!

OAK & STONE FLOORS is also pleased to offer a full suite of bathroom remodeling services for homeowners in the Vancouver area. We can take your current bath from ordinary to extraordinary, and make it the bath you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever that means to you, you can count on OAK & STONE FLOORS for exceptional service and only the best products to make it a reality.

To learn more about OAK & STONE FLOORS, our kitchen remodeling services, and how we provide second to none service, please give us a call at 360.314.2109 or visit our showroom in Vancouver (Felida) today.


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