Image presents the logo of the Christina C Collection Flooring, a DiamondWalk waterproof SPC luxury vinyl floor covering at OAK & STONE FLOORS in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington.
Image presents the DiamondWalk waterproof flooring by Paradigm in the Christina C Collection of SPC luxury vinyl LVP, available at OAK & STONE FLOORS in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Luxury Vinyl SPC Flooring Meets Celebrity

Image presents a floor covering display to encourage customers to come check out the Christina Collection Flooring display at OAK & STONE FLOORS to get a peek at Paradigm's DiamondWalk waterproof SPC luxury vinyl flooring.

Stemming from her experience on television, Christina Haack, of the design show Christina on the Coast and HGTV’s Flip or Flop, used her home renovation and design knowledge to create a luxury vinyl flooring line that is stylish, durable and affordable. This line of flooring is a luxury vinyl with a generous 9″ plank width that is available to our OAK & STONE FLOORS customers here in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

“I would stack it up against anything I’ve seen,” Haack told Floor Covering News. Christina has been renovating and flipping houses since 2009, so she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to stylish and durable floor covering. Most home owners know that durability is an important feature when it comes to choosing flooring. Christina knows that as well. That is why her floor covering line was created and built to deliver the goods while being subject to the traffic of three kids and two dogs. It stands up to the traffic because it is SPC flooring.

What Is SPC?

Christina Haack further said in her interview with FCNews, “I do not want a floor that scratches, and I do not want a floor that will be ruined if I spill something on it. That’s what everyone wants. So, that’s why this floor is so important. It’s all about reducing a mom’s stress.” With those needs in mind, Christina couldn’t have selected a better type of flooring for her floor covering line than SPC.

SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic Composite, is a multilayer vinyl flooring product made of a composite of stone and plastic, giving it a rigid core. This core is made from a mixture of limestone and stabilizers which increases its rigidity. These dense boards can withstand impacts that would dent regular LVP, making them the perfect choice for heavy traffic areas in homes and for light traffic areas in some commercial or office settings.

5 Quality Layers

The Christina Collection, waterproof luxury vinyl SPC flooring, has all the layers going for it. 5 layers, to be exact; the surface finish, wear layer, image layer, SPC core and the backing layer. A 6.5mm thick SPC, the Christina Collection is constructed with a scratch resistant and stain resistant surface finish, a 20MIL wear layer, an image layer for that realistic wood look, a 5mm SPC core, and a 1.5mm IXPE pad backing layer. The Christina Collection is made of materials that are 100% Virgin PVC and it boasts painted, beveled edges, painted and beveled ends, and a tongue & groove, angle click joining system.

Multiple Color & Wood Grain Style Options

The Christina Collection Luxury Vinyl comes in 21 flooring styles, including Austin Creek, Beacon Hill, Blanca, Camelback, Castle Rock, Channel Island, Chaparral, Del Norte, Denali, Diamond Peak, Enchanted Peak, Escalade, Fells Pointe, Geyser, Kings Peak, Palo Duro, Pikes Peak, Pointe Isabel, Rainier, Silver Strand and Whitney. The 21 styles accentuate the natural wood grain appearance in color schemes that range from light, to medium and dark while incorporating different levels of opaqueness from clear to washed and varying wood wear characteristics from unnoticeable to light wire brush effect.

Image presents the warranty and the FloorScore certification information of the Christina C Collection waterproof SPC luxury vinyl LVP flooring, by Paradigm and available at OAK & STONE FLOORS in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington.