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Carpet For Home Flooring

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Carpet flooring has been the home favorite, an American tradition, for decades. Your choices of carpet types and carpet fibers are numerous, today, given the advances in carpet technology. Whether it be plush carpet, loop-pile, cut-pile, cut & loop, Berber or commercial loop, you can find a look and feel to match what you want out of your carpet. On top of that, the array of carpet fiber options available today brings you a host of stainless carpet choices to choose from. Acrylic carpet, nylon carpet, olefin (polypropylene) carpet, polyester carpet and wool carpet; all can provide great performance and resistance to staining. If you want the no-fuss carpet, a quality Berber carpet can provide years of life in your favorite room with easy upkeep without vacuum marks. For the healthy minded, there are multiple eco-friendly carpet alternatives that are more than suitable for your family room. The eco-friendly carpet choices include the natural fibers of sisal carpet, sea grass carpet, coir carpet and wool carpet; all offering low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This vast deposit of carpet options makes possible the availability of carpet flooring in a multitude of colors across most textures, patterns, and fiber types. Carpet selection is not confined to tans, grays and off whites. You have at your disposal, vibrant color options which can introduce expressive design elements to the décor of any room. The high and low looped, layered textures with patterns, come in endless shapes and sizes. You can browse enough carpet samples to find the one carpet style that best expresses the mood you want to capture for a room or for an area that will complement adjoining hardwood flooring, ceramic tile flooring, engineered laminate wood flooring, or luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Image presents carpet, your home's canvas where nature's colorful palette of beauty impacts your home décor.
Carpet, The Canvas Where Nature’s Palette Touches Your Home

Carpet Types

Plush Or Cut-Pile

Loops trimmed off with yarn bundles standing straight up. Repeated pre-shearing creates a luxurious appearance. A great ‘whole house’ carpet, medium durability. Popular varieties include saxony plush: short, densely packed tufts; textured plush: decoratively versatile,
textured surface helps hide footprints and vacuum marks; velvet plush: lightly twisted cut-piles with a uniform color and luxurious appearance that’s ideal for formal areas.

Cut-&-Loop Pile

Combined cut and looped fibers provide a variety of surface textures or carved/sculptured effects for medium durability. Multiple colors and levels hide dirt and footprints in formal or informal areas. Also available in solid colors.

Berber Cut-Pile

Newer Berber look with color and interest of traditional loop Berbers and the great plush feel of thick, cut-pile carpet. Very versatile. Ideal for casual rooms and kids rooms. Subtle color flecks help hide soil.

Berber Loop-Pile

High, closed level loops stand upright, creating a nubby, rugged texture that looks natural and handcrafted. Tight loop texture helps hide foot and vacuum marks. Uncut loops tend to wear better than cut-pile.

Commercial Loop

Versatile styles in a durable, long-wearing surface pile engineered for high-traffic areas. Captivating color choices and textured surfaces suitable for professional and practical installations.

Carpet Fibers

There are six main types of fibers used in carpet and three other, lesser known types; acrylic, nylon, olefin (polypropylene), olefin blends of nylon/olefin, polyester, wool, sisal, sea grass and coir. Nearly all carpet, about 96% of carpeting is made from synthetic fibers. Synthetic, or man-made, carpet is more resistant to stains and less expensive than natural fiber carpet. The natural fibers make up about 4% of the remaining carpet that is used and they are naturally crush resistant which helps in high traffic areas.

Acrylic Carpet

Acrylic fiber carpet is the artificial wool of the industry, providing the look and feel of wool at a fraction of the cost, the man-made fiber resists static electricity, moisture, mildew, fading, crushing, staining, and sun damage, but it isn’t durable enough for high traffic areas.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is the workhorse of the flooring industry. It is the strongest carpet fiber with optimal durability, has excellent abrasion, insect and chemical resistance and it is less apt to mold, mildew or rot compared to other carpet fibers. Nylon carpet can last up to between 12 and 15 years. Nylon has tremendous color retention, is static free and easy to maintain. It maintains fiber height and it resists soiling and staining. Nylon is by far the most popular carpet with 90% of home owners opting to have it installed. When both residential and commercial use is considered, 65% of all users opt to have it installed. Nylon fiber carpet is in the middle of the pack as far as price is concerned; generally being less expensive than wool but more expensive than polypropylene and polyester.

Olefin (Polypropylene) Carpet

Following nylon, olefin (polypropylene) fiber carpet is the most used and it makes up 80% of all commercial carpet installations. Olefin fiber is highly resistant to fading, making it a good option for carpet exposed to large windows with direct sunlight. It is abrasion, mildew and moisture resistant. Olefin is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with bleach when manufacturer specifications state if is safe to do so. Olefin is suitable for high traffic areas when nylon is not an option, but it isn’t the industry standard winner for crush resistance as some cuts are more prone to matting and crushing. Olefin generally costs less than nylon, polyester and wool.

Olefin Blends Carpet

Olefin blends are typically made from nylon and olefin (polypropylene). This blend has great resiliency, but different fibers can resist and/or absorb stains differently, leaving one with a carpet that tends to stain unevenly. Due to this dynamic, the stains can stand out prominently.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester has a luxurious feel and it can look great, but it typically does not last as long as other carpet fibers as it does not maintain its fiber height over a long lifespan; therefore, it is less optimal for high traffic areas and in rooms where shifting weight is a part of the normal, frequent use of an area. Polyester can fade when installed in rooms that are exposed to bright sunlight. Polyester is easy to clean. It is resistant to water soluble stains and durable against abrasions.

Polyester carpet also comes in a recycled version. Polyester/PET (Polyester/Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the environmental darling of the carpet industry. Most carpet made with this fiber is made from recycled bottle caps so it is inexepensive compared to other carpet fibers; especially wool and nylon. It is a fiber that offers bright color selections and it is available in many textures. It is more stain resistant than nylon carpet and at least as resistant to mold and mildew. For those with allergy tendencies, it may fit the bill as it is non-allergenic. Because Polyester/Pet is plastic, before using in an entire home it is advised to first try it in one room to see how you like it.

Wool Carpet

A beauty to behold, wool is a purely natural product; luxurious, strong, and stain resistant. Wool is very durable. It maintains its fiber height very well. Soft to the touch and very dense, wool has a more comfortable feel than other carpet fibers. Wool hides soil better than synthetic fibers due to its opacity. Synthetic fibers are less opaque, so their strands are more clear and soil can be seen through them. Available in a large array of colors, it is an excellent choice for its rich and luxurious appearance. Compared to synthetic fiber carpets, it may require care to maintain its beauty over a long lifespan. It is susceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight. Wool has a low resistance to stains and to many of the chemicals used to remove stains. Because wool is a natural fiber, it can attract and suffer damage from beetles, moths and other insects.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpet is made from fiber derived from the agave plant. Stronger and more durable than other natural fibers, it is earthy and rough-textured like jute. Sisal carpets usually contain jute, hemp, sea grass, and coconut fibers.

Sea Grass Carpet

Sea Grass carpet adds a wonderful natural look and feel to any room. It can be damaged by chemicals and is susceptible to mold and insects.

Coir Carpet

Coir carpet fiber is extracted from the husks of coconuts. Coir is one of the most environmentally-friendly fibers. It is tough, hard wearing and versatile, with natural aesthetic appeal. Coir carpet is available in rich and bold textures.

A Few Benefits Of Carpet Flooring For Your Home

Carpet Is Budget Friendly

Buying new flooring is more of an investment than it is an expense, but it is an investment that can carry a steep price tag. If you choose the right carpet, your investment won’t be near as steep as it would be if you decide to go with solid hardwood flooring. While hardwood floors look fabulous, the price can be insurmountable for many families. Carpet prices can fit into most budgets.

Carpet Dampens Noise

If you have lived in a two story home or apartment, you may recall hearing people through the ceiling, through the floor or through the walls. Some subfloors even accentuate the motion of feet softly walking across a floor. Those noises can be ratcheted up a level of two if the floors are covered with ceramic tile, resilient vinyl, laminate wood flooring, or solid hardwood. Even slippers can make noise when walking on such surfaces.

For that multi-level home, apartment or townhouse, carpet can make a substantial difference in the amount of sound that transfers into other rooms above, below, or beside. Sometimes carpet flooring can also dampen the creaks in subflooring or in old solid wood flooring that lays beneath the carpet. The sound dampening benefit of carpet makes it a superb choice for bedrooms with young children.

Carpet Offers Many Options

There are many options when selecting carpet for your home. There is a style for every interior design, while hardwood flooring will limit your color selections to the natural wood tones. The color palette offered across carpet styles gives you the ability to choose virtually any color that fits into your scheme. Carpet’s huge color offerings are available across the many carpet textures, so whether you are going with tight carpet fibers, plush fibers, loose or varied fibers, you can usually find the texture of your preference in the color you desire to fit your home’s décor. If you visit OAK & STONE FLOORS or have us bring flooring samples to your home, you’ll want to be sure to touch the samples as a part of your selection process. You’ll be amazed how touching carpet will help you decide which carpet to choose.

Image presents OAK & STONE FLOORS Shaw carpet flooring, available in Oregon and Washington, with vibrant colors to visualize the concept that carpet offers many color, fiber, and texture options.
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Carpet Is Comfortable And Safe

Image presents OAK & STONE FLOORS Shaw carpet flooring, available in Oregon and Washington, with a young child playing to visualize the concept that carpet is comfortable and safe for playing children and fragile elderly people.
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Do you have young children or elderly family members that makes safety an important factor in flooring selection? If that is the case, carpet could be your best friend. Carpet flooring, while it does not provide foolproof padding against falls, it can soften the landing and potentially reduce injury.

Toddlers and carpet are a match made in heaven. With their repetitive falls, toddlers can experience less pain when tumbling to a floor covered with carpet. Carpets can also be more comfortable for babies when they crawl or roll over. Children are also more likely to enjoy floor time and sitting on a floor that is covered with carpet as compared to a hard floor such as tile or hardwood.

Carpet Can Reduce Your Energy Expense

Image presents OAK & STONE FLOORS Shaw carpet flooring, available in Oregon and Washington, with a young child playing in bare feet on carpet to visualize the concept that carpet can reduce you home energy bill.
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Porcelain tile, ceramic tile and hardwood floors are usually cold to the touch and people may tend to use more heat with these colder flooring surfaces to offset this cold-to-the-touch sensation; increasing energy bills as a result. Carpet, on the other hand, tends to retain a level of warmth and it certainly feels less cold to the feet. You will likely heat less during the winter as your contact with carpet flooring will give you the sensation of more warmth.

Carpet Covers Subfloor Imperfections

If your subfloor is unlevel or contains imperfections, carpet can be an ideal flooring choice. With many wood or tile flooring options, it will be necessary to level the flooring, remove the imperfections or lay an underlayment to reduce the imperfections. Carpet flooring will hide them and some carpet textures, along with the carpet padding that lays beneath carpet, will cover them well enough that you won’t feel them.

Is Carpet The Flooring Choice For Your Home?

If you’re looking for new flooring for your home, carpet can be a great choice. Compared to other flooring options, carpet can be easier on the bank accouunt, it can dampen noises, carpet offers many options, it can be more comfortable and safe, carpet can reduce energy bills and it can cover flooring imperfections. Why not make carpet your new home’s flooring solution?

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