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Oatfield, Oregon Areas Served By OAK & STONE FLOORS

OAK & STONE FLOORS serves the commercial flooring and residential floor covering needs of all homes, apartments, townhouses, neighborhood districts, retail stores, small businesses, schools, colleges, real estate professionals, hospitality and hotels, corporate business offices, hospitals, immediate emergency care facilities, senior living homes, assisted living centers, and government properties in the areas of Oatfield, Oregon

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OAK & STONE FLOORS is a Portland, Oregon, locally owned and operated floor covering business that has been serving the Oatfield area as a flooring company for the past decade. Their showroom opened its doors in 2015 to provide customers with a more personal and thorough experience. Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, we can assist with you from design to flooring purchase and installation.

OAK & STONE FLOORS supplies floor covering contractors, businesses and homeowners in Oatfield, Oregon with quality floor covering and affordable delivery and installation in Oatfield, Oregon.

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OAK & STONE FLOORS will provide commercial flooring for Fire & Police Departments in Oatfield, Oregon.

OAK & STONE FLOORS will proudly serve our brave Oatfield firefighters of the local fire departments, providing flooring for fire stations. OAK & STONE FLOORS will proudly serve our brave police officers, providing flooring for the City of Oatfield’s Police Department, the Oregon State Police and the local County Sheriff’s Office. They deserve the best flooring, installation and service.

OAK & STONE FLOORS is grateful for the dedication of the firefighters, search and rescue (SAR) personnel and the public safety officers in Oatfield, Oregon who serve the community with the local Oatfield fire departments and desires to provide them with exceptional value in commercial flooring for their stations and offices. Oatfield is fortunate to have fellow citizens who serve with expertise and bravery. We will proudly serve these fire and rescue professionals, providing durable, commercial flooring for their needs.

Oatfield, Oregon Areas Oak & Stone Floors Will Serve

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OAK & STONE FLOORS will serve the commercial flooring and residential floor covering needs of all homes, apartments, townhouses, neighborhood districts, retail stores, small businesses, schools, colleges, real estate professionals, hospitality and hotels, corporate business offices, hospitals, immediate emergency care facilities, senior living homes, assisted living centers, and government properties in the areas of Oatfield, Oregon.

Commercial Or Residential, Which Flooring Should I Buy For My Oatfield, Oregon Property?

If you are looking for new flooring for a home, office, retail or commercial space in Oatfield, Oregon, you may notice that you are generally given two choices, commercial and residential flooring. While most homeowners can tell the difference in floor materials and styles, the difference between flooring designed for residential and commercial use might not be so obvious.

If you’re remodeling a home or working on new construction, its important to know the difference between residential and commercial floors before you make your decision. Understanding the significant differences between the two types will ensure you buy the best quality flooring for your needs.

What is Commercial Flooring?

When you consider the different types of flooring, the first thing to look at is the function of the space. How the space is used largely determines the type of flooring you require. In a commercial space there is no question that the floors need to be durable, given that the space generates more traffic and that it also needs to be able to endure rugged conditions. These are conditions the average home will not be called upon to undergo.

Commercial grade floors are designed for the specific uses that commercial spaces are subject to. Business owners choosing new flooring for their retail, commercial or industrial spaces need to make a smart investment; one that will continue to serve them for years to come.

When determining the type of commercial flooring to use, consider the following factors that are unique to your application:

  • Strength and Durability: Commercial floors typically carry much more weight than the average home floor. In a commercial building there are many more people coming and going, from employees to customers to suppliers; the traffic doesn’t end on any given business day. Additionally, commercial flooring will have more heavy objects applied to it, such as mobile office furniture and business equipment. For these reasons, the flooring designed for a commercial space is meant to be strong enough to endure this long term wear and tear.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Commercial flooring needs to withstand frequent cleaning, often with harsh industrial products; especially in restaurants, food service or healthcare. Some types of flooring, such as wood or tile, won’t hold up as well after years of daily scrubbings. Synthetic flooring designed for commercial purposes can be cleaned repeatedly, without damage and without wearing out.
  • Unique Requirements: Some commercial spaces have unique considerations that commercial flooring needs to meet. Many commercial spaces require sound-proofing, which specialized rubber or synthetic commercial flooring can provide. Commercial flooring usually requires waterproof capabilities and most commercial floor covering is resistant to moisture, preventing breakdown and bubbling in the flooring.

What Is Residential Flooring?

Residential flooring is meant for the home, meaning it needs to be warm and inviting and reflect the personal taste of the homeowner. Homeowners in search of new flooring are usually looking to renew the look of their home. New flooring is a convenient and affordable way to update a home’s style and improve its resale value.

When searching for the right residential floors for your home, consider the following factors to find the right floor for your needs:

  • Options and Variety: A decision about residential flooring options usually falls between two broad categories: carpet or solid flooring. With carpet, you have a variety of options in texture and weave, including plush, frieze and cut pile. For solid flooring, you have choices such as laminate, solid hardwood, vinyl and ceramic tile or porcelain tile.
  • Cleaning and Upkeep: As parents can attest, a home with kids and pets requires different flooring than the home with an empty nest. While light colored carpets are elegant in any home, its not practical when there are more risks of spills and messes. When choosing residential flooring, always consider the types of cleaning needs you will have. Solid flooring options like laminate, vinyl and hardwood are more convenient and conducive to regular cleaning.
  • Room Variables: When replacing the flooring in your home, you may decide you want different types of flooring for different rooms. For the bedrooms, carpet and hardwood tend to be the flooring of choice, while bathrooms often have tile, vinyl or laminate flooring.

When choosing new residential flooring, its important to make a choice that you can live with for years to come. Many homeowners can get 10 years or more from their flooring with proper maintenance and care. Choosing high quality flooring in a timeless style will ensure you get longevity out of your residential floor investment.

Commercial Flooring vs. Residential Flooring

Because commercial and residential flooring have very different applications, the two types of flooring differ in how they’re constructed. Though you can get the same type of flooring for either use, such as commercial grade carpet or laminate, the durability of each type will differ and the installation methods will also be tailored to the application.

Major Differences Between Commercial And Residential Flooring

  • Features: Compared to commercial flooring, residential flooring generally doesn’t have as many durability requirements. Commercial floors have characteristics for industrial settings. You’ll see commercial floors listed with features like waterproof, heat-resistant, moisture-repellant, sound-proof, slip-proof, corrosion-resistant and more. Residential flooring usually has a smaller list of criteria. It needs to look tasteful and feel comfortable.
  • Selection: Residential flooring tends to be much more flexible in look than commercial flooring because there’s a wider style selection. Because residential flooring needs to match a homeowner’s unique style, residential floors come in a wider variety of textures and colors. Commercial spaces can get away with simple, neutral styles, such as with commercial grade carpet vs. residential, which is usually less plush and luxurious than you’d find in a home.
  • Price: Commercial and residential flooring also tends to differ in price. In a home, you typically require much less flooring than you would in a commercial space. Homes also tend to use a variety of flooring types for each area of the home, meaning some rooms, like bathrooms, will have even smaller quantities of flooring needed. Generally, commercial floors will be more expensive. The price of residential vs. commercial flooring depends on the quality of the product and how long its designed to last.

In a final conclusion, the true difference between commercial and residential flooring in the quality. In both categories of flooring, you’ll find equal quality in their construction and installation. The true difference is in the density of flooring, as commercial flooring requires much harder material than cozy residential flooring.

Oatfield, Oregon Commercial Flooring Trends

  • Commercial SPC Vinyl Flooring
  • 100% Waterproof Commercial Floor Covering
  • Commercial Laminate Flooring
  • Commercial Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  • Performance Resilient Vinyl Flooring
  • Resilient Rubber Flooring
  • Commercial Floor Tile
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile & Planks
  • Commercial Carpet
  • Healthcare Modular Carpet Tile

Armstrong Commercial Vinyl Composition Tile Flooring

OAK & STONE FLOORS supplies Armstrong’s industrial grade commercial vinyl composition tile (VCT) to local businesses near you. Shop the Armstrong commercial flooring brand near you.

Buy Armstrong Natural Creations Diamond 10 ArborArt Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). LVT is perfect for any mass merchant, grocery store, department store, drug store, or discount store flooring. Diamond 10 Technology is a revolutionary flooring innovation, using cultured diamonds (with the properties of real diamonds) to provide the ultimate in scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. Diamond 10 Technology allows commercial flooring spaces to get the look they want with the durability they need. Contractors in the Oatfield, Oregon and surrounding areas should be looking to install Armstrong’s Natural Creations ArborArt Diamond 10 collection, commercial grade luxury vinyl, low maintenance flooring.

Commercial contractors choose OAK & STONE FLOORS when it comes to floor coverings, local deliveries and knowledgeable professionals who can answer your questions. OAK & STONE FLOORS is your first step in flooring when it comes to commercial or residential projects. We provide affordable prices, local pickup options, and fast delivery! Don’t hesitate to contact our Portland, Oregon store today at: 971.271.7274

Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Flooring

Many commercial contractors choose Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring for retail installations, a flooring that makes an impact on the retail shopping experience. From quick ship options to custom solutions, Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring provides superb retail store flooring that is durable and easy to maintain.

Hospitals prefer Shaw’s Philidelphia Commercial flooring. Analysis and market research shows that Philadelphia Commercial flooring offers superb durability in flooring designs that are intended for comfort and healing. It is commercial flooring that is purposefully designed to enhance the wellbeing of healthcare workers while providing patients with a space that is soothing, with low stress.

Corporate businesses utilize Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring for those who spend a great deal of their lives at work, so they can be the best they can be in work performance. The design of flooring can set the tone for a space and influence workers’ mood, outlook and productivity. Philadelphia Commercial offers high performance, durable commercial flooring in styles that enhance office and workplace efficiency, interaction and engagement.

Schools and colleges incorporate Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring to provide inspirational, interactive spaces where the best learning can occur. Philadelphia Commercial flooring has developed carpet and resilient flooring options in a variety of education encouraging colors and patterns. For the classroom, lunchroom, the campus clinic or the student union building, Philadelphia Commercial flooring has beautiful, durable flooring solutions.

Senior living centers who provide independent living and assisted living with skilled nursing, install Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring because they design stylish and functional flooring specifically geared to the needs of senior living. Designed with mobility in mind, Philidelphia Commercial flooring selects colors and patterns reminiscent of the comforts of home, while still providing the traction and stability needed to support the ease of tenant movement.

Hospitality flooring takes center stage in hotel and other spaces designed to welcome or entertain those who enter. Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring abounds with creativity and with boundless designs that spring to life through tailored, custom flooring solutions. Whether your hospitality venue needs high performance broadlooms, carpet tiles or resilient flooring, Philadelphia Commercial flooring will provide you with the durable hospitality solutions that are sure to impress.

In the stuffed, regulated, and highly specialized needs of government buildings, flooring plays an important role. Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial flooring designs floor covering products that provide comfortable, secure and accessible environments for civil servants, citizens and personnel. Whether selecting styles or choosing from a GSA contract, Shaw’s Philadelphia Commercial functional flooring is on time and on budget.