Get residential flooring for your home floor covering needs in carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood, engineered wood flooring, laminate, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, LVP, LVT and more.

Get just the right home flooring the whole family will enjoy. Built tough to accommodate the activity of kids while maintaining the plush look you want.

Get residential flooring for your home floor covering needs in carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood, engineered wood flooring, laminate, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, LVP, LVT and more.


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Providing the Portland area with Natural Stone, Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Countertop Tile, Floor Tile, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Sheet Vinyl and More.

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Are your floors faded or damaged? Give your home’s high traffic areas an upgrade with help from OAK & STONE FLOORS. We provide hardwood, tile, natural stone, carpet, laminate vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl planks and more in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. No matter which type of flooring you need, OAK & STONE FLOORS will get your flooring done with masterful craftsmanship.

Our flooring experts can guide you in your selection of new home flooring to help you get just what you want and what you need. Our goal is to lead you in new construction flooring or remodel flooring with stress-free efficiency.


OAK & STONE provides whole-home floor covering sales and design consultation. You can count on us for your flooring in your bathroom, basement, living room, hallways or bathrooms. We’ve got everything you need to transform a living space into your beautiful, functional abode.
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If you’re looking for something to indulge your feet in, carpet can give you that aah factor. Something so soft and plush, believe it or not, is built to withstand the demands of family activity. OAK & STONE FLOORS has the carpet you are looking for, offering hundreds of choices in carpet selections to deliver the aah your feet deserve, whether you are looking for luxury, style, performance or value.

At our showroom, or in your home, we look forward to assisting you in your selection from among the many available carpet types, fibers, styles and brands.


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WPC vinyl, what is that? WPC vinyl can be described as Wood Plastic Composite or Waterproof Core.

WPC is a tremendous alternative to wood flooring. It has that rich and desirable, expensive wood look. It delivers high-end visuals, comes in a full range of beautiful textures and colors, and it is extremely durable.

Does a floor covering get any better than this?! We don’t think so. WPC is the best you can get in vinyl flooring and it has proven popular among homeowners looking for the traditional hardwood look without the maintenance

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WPC waterproof flooring is, generally, comprised of 4 layers.*

Backing layer. This is the bedrock layer of your plank.

WPC core. This is the performing layer! WPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof WPC core. It doesn’t ripple, swell or peel when subjected to liquid..

Printed vinyl layer. This is the layer that delivers the hardwood look. High tech photo imagery makes the vinyl look very similar to the natural materials of wood and stone. Many WPC flooring products offer the highest natural material appearance that can have your visitors thinking they are walking on real wood or stone.

Wear layer. Just like traditional vinyl, the wear layer is the floor guard. It protects your floor from dents, scratches, dings and “oops!, I dropped the fork” mishaps. The thicker the wear layer, the better the protection. WPC flooring has a thick wear layer for optimal protection.

*Can vary between manufacturers.


100% waterproof – Guaranteed by the manufacturers.

Ultra-durable – WPC is known as the best of the best, providing the thickest wear layers for optimal scratch resistance and durability.

Perfect for imperfect subfloors – Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is so thick, it can hide an imperfect subfloor. Many times the vinyl plank flooring can save you the expense of leveling the subfloor before installation.

Realistic wood and stone look – Your guests will be walking on vinyl thinking they are walking on hardwood or stone. With realistic looks of natural materials, it makes for a convincingly beautiful floor.

Phthalate-free – Most WPC is phthalate-free.

Low maintenance – An occasional vacuum and damp mop will keep your WPC looking fabulous.

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Durable flooring. That describes LVT, luxury vinyl tile, in a nutshell. If you want durability beneath your feet, luxury vinyl tile is what you want for your home. The durability of LVT is, without question, able to deliver decades-long wear and tear when installed properly.

What exactly is luxury vinyl tile? LVT is vinyl flooring designed in the shape of ceramic tile flooring rather than the traditional sheet form that has been unable to mimic the realistic natural materials of ceramic tile and stone. LVT is designed so that it appears to look almost identical in appearance to the natural materials of stone and tile. Many LVT floors have grout simulated seams and come in narrow and wide sizes.

LVT is an ideal floor covering choice for residential use. It boasts an extremely durable wear quality which is priceless in protecting the “am I really walking on cobblestone” feel and the realistic tile look that LVT makes possible through today’s advanced printing technology. The texture embossing adds further to the perception you are walking on ceramic tile and natural stone. Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof, slip-resistant and very resistant to stains. The anti-bacterial properties allow you to install it in any room and because it is highly resistant to moisture damage, heat damage and dents, you truly can install it where you desire.

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Luxury vinyl tile is comprised of four to five layers, including the urethane coating, the wear layer, the print film layer, the vinyl core, and the backing.

The top LVT layer is a coating of urethane that protects the wear layer and creates the sheen for the product. The second LVT layer is the wear layer. This layer in luxury vinyl tiles will vary in mil thickness, so this is where the flooring professionals at OAK & STONE FLOORS can guide you in selecting the product with the wear layer thickness to meet your needs and expectations. The wear layer is a clear layer of PVC (vinyl) which protects the design and it usually is embossed to give the tiles the textured look of real ceramic. The third LVT layer is the print film. It is made of paper and features the color and patterns that resemble the look of tile and natural stone. The fourth LVT layer is the vinyl core. This layer can be a mix of vinyl with a plasticizer or fiberglass. The bottom layer, which is not always included, is a backing layer. The flooring experts at OAK & STONE FLOORS are here to guide you in selecting your LVT with or without an attached underlayment that is typically made of cork or foam. This layer can reduce noise, hold heat, and provide cushion for added comfort while walking on your floor, so their assistance in helping you in your decision on which LVT to choose for your home is a valuable resource you will want to take advantage of.


Luxury vinyl tiles are cost effective. Compared to ceramic tile and natural stone, the price point is considerably less; so you get the look and feel of the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

Light on the maintenance. That has a good ring to it! Luxury vinyl tile floors require no special cleaning treatment. That means no scrubbing or waxing. Sweep up the dust and the dirt when needed and simply run your damp mop over it. Done! A big win for those kitchen areas where dirt and debris can accumulate quickly.

Luxury vinyl tile has an ease of installation benefit. The technology adds flexibility in allowing one to install them over the top of existing floors, saving homeowners the hassle of removing the old flooring. This can be a big money saver. Who doesn’t love saving money? Some installations may require removing the existing floor, but the flooring experts at OAK & STONE FLOORS can guide you in determining if you can lay your LVT over your existing flooring.

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If you have an eye for design, luxury vinyl tiles provide you great leverage in making bold statements. You can mix various tile shapes and colors, making the possibilities for mixing your style into your flooring design as limitless as those with real ceramic tile.

If you press the style limits that LVT affords you, your flooring will be the talk of the evening at dinner parties and hangouts. If in a number of years, you tire of the look you created, LVT’s ease of removal and replacement allows you to change things up without breaking the bank.

LVT’s tangible feel and its real look of natural stone and tile can increase the value and enhance the look of your home immensely. The wide range of styles available with luxury vinyl tile allow you to design your flooring to the exacting demands of your liking.

The flooring experts at OAK & STONE FLOORS encourage you to stop by their design showroom or call to arrange an appointment for them to come to your place where you can explore the LVT options for your home.


Nothing compares to the rich, traditional look of hardwood flooring in your home, but installing hardwood flooring can be costly, running tens of thousands of dollars for an average size home. Laminate flooring, however, offers a natural look at a fraction of the cost. Laminate floor covering is made by pressing composite wood together. A photographic layer gives the flooring a look that simulates wood or stone. A core layer is composed of resin and fiber board. These layers are protected beneath a clear, top layer.

Homeowners can get the look and feel of real hardwood with laminate flooring but, when compared to hardwood, it is more durable and it is easier to clean. It can be the perfect floor covering for high-traffic areas and rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight or moisture, making it ideal for entries, foyers, kitchens and bathrooms. If you are looking for new flooring, the flooring professionals at OAK & STONE FLOORS are here to assist you in your decision whether or not select laminate floor covering for your home.

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Types of Laminate Flooring

If you have been considering laminate flooring for your new home or remodel, you have a choice between engineered wood laminate flooring or plastic laminate flooring.