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OAK & STONE FLOORS sells overstock flooring and wall surfaces in carpet, vinyl, hardwood, natural stone, laminate and tile, like the image that shows Emser Borgini White 18"x35" SKU a41boridwh1835.
Image presents a picture of a warehouse of ceramic tile for customers to check out OAK & STONE FLOORS warehouse overstock flooring and wall surfaces to save money on carpet, luxury vinyl floor covering, LVP, LVT, solid hardwood, laminate, and marble, porcelain, ceramic tile, and stone surfaces for Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington customers.

Emser Tile

We have overstock tile inventories in the below, listed Emser tile. Please call or email for pricing and current inventory. Call 971.271.7274 or Email to oakandstonepdx @gmail.com

Emser Borgini – White | 18″x35″ Tile – SKU A41BORIDWH1835

Emser Cairo – Baris | 13″x24″ Tile

Emser Esplanade – Alley | 12″x24″ Tile – SKU F02ESPLAL1224

Emser Daroca – Atar | 3″x6″ Mosaic Tile – SKU F16DAROAT1313MOF

Emser Lucente – Servolo | Pattern Mosaic Tile – SKU W80LUCESE1313MPB

Emser Outpost – Grigio | 12″x24″ Tile – SKU A86OUTPGR1224

Emser Porto – Charcoal | 24″x24″ Polished Tile – SKU F16PORTCH2424P

Emser Parian – White | 18″x18″ Marble Tile – SKU M10PARIWH1818P

Emser Potenza – Gray | 18″x18″ Tile – SKU F12POTEGR1818V2

Emser Realm – District | 12″x24″ Tile – SKU F02REALDI1224

Emser Realm – Domain | 13″x13″ Tile – SKU F02REALDO1313

Emser Sandstorm – Gobi | 12″x24″ Tile – SKU F02SANDGO1224

Emser Stadium – Foundation | 12″x24″ Tile

Consider Tile For Your Home

Would you like to revitalize your bathroom? Does your laundry room look like it needs an upgrade? Remodel your living space with help from OAK & STONE FLOORS with overstock ceramic tile. They can install tile backsplash, countertops, wall and flooring. Make your home look marvelous with new ceramic or porcelain tile.

Ceramic and porcelain tile replicates the look of natural stone with the glaze and texture baked into the clay in the kiln firing process. It delivers the realistic looks of stone while providing the durability of tile, which unlike natural stone, is more resilient against home cleaning products. The result of kiln fired ceramic flooring tile provides beautiful looking surfaces that are easy to maintain due to their high-performance, waterproof properties and exceptional stain resistance.

Ceramic tile and porcelain tile can provide a look of warmth to a home that embraces you with a feeling of comfort in ways other flooring surfaces cannot.

Installing Ceramic Or Porcelain Tile

You may prefer to have your ceramic or porcelain tile professionally installed. OAK & STONE FLOORS has you covered. The experts can install your tile while making sure the subfloor is properly prepped and covered with tile using thinset (mortar) or ceramic tile adhesive. Then they will come back and apply grout to the tile’s grout lines. Later, they will come back and clean the surface of your tile to make it ready to enjoy.

The OAK & STONE FLOORS team of flooring installation experts have the expertise and tools to complete your installation correctly. They also have experienced sales experts to help you get the right flooring, wall, countertop, and blacksplash for your specific needs. They will even help you with your interior design.