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Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Really Pet-Friendly?

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It looks like COREtec’s luxury vinyl plank is.

Image presents a Goldendoodle dog to promote the point that some LVP, luxury vinyl plank, flooring is pet-friendly, found at OAK & STONE FLOORS in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

At least this Goldendoodle seems to think so.

As best as we can tell, this Goldendoodle has befriended the COREtec luxury vinyl plank flooring display at OAK & STONE FLOORS. If a dog cozies up to flooring, that makes it pet-friendly, right? Of course it does.

Granted, it is difficult to see through all of that fur to determine whether or not that is a smile on this Groodle’s face; but based on his posture, we’ve got to say he loves COREtec’s PetProof warrantied, luxury vinyl plank flooring. And why not? COREtec’s PLUS Enhanced Collection and its PLUS HD Collection, both carry a 10-Year, PetProof warranty!

That means life in the dog house is worry free. Man’s best friend can roam about the house without worry of scratching the floor with its nails. Due to the tough UV Acrylic finish used with COREtec’s PLUS HD and PLUS Enhanced Planks, those rambunctious pets can run across the kitchen and slide around the corner into the dining room, with paws flailing, without the possibility of laying down any lasting marks on the floor.

See COREtec PLUS Enhanced Planks, a 10-Year PetProof Warranty floor covering

Oh, in case you are interested in a Goldendoodle as a pet, The Spruce Pets has 12 reasons why you just might want one as your best friend.

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