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    Discover the Benefits of Quality Flooring and Floor Covering

    Are you in need of new flooring or floor coverings? Look no further than OAK & STONE FLOORS. We offer a range of services and products to meet all your flooring needs.
    Are you in need of new flooring or looking to remodel your home? Look no further than OAK & STONE FLOORS, a locally owned and operated floor covering business in Gresham, Oregon. With over a decade of experience, we take pride in providing exceptional service to homeowners and builders alike.

    Our showroom, opened in 2015, offers a personalized and thorough experience for our valued customers. From design to installation, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Take advantage of our free flooring and installation estimates, floor measure, and design consultation. We’ll help you choose the perfect flooring option to transform your space.

    At OAK & STONE FLOORS, we understand the importance of attention to detail. That’s why we offer a wide range of flooring options, including vinyl, hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpet. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial carpet samples, we have you covered.

    Planning a room remodel or a complete home renovation? Our expert team can handle it all. We work with precision and skill to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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    We proudly serve the Gresham, Oregon areas, including North Gresham, Wilkes East, Centennial, and many more. For your convenience, we offer both in-home consultations and store showroom consultations with free estimates.

    But our commitment doesn’t stop there. OAK & STONE FLOORS is honored to provide quality flooring to our brave firefighters and police officers in Gresham. We serve multiple fire and police departments, providing them with durable flooring solutions for their stations.

    We believe in giving back to the community and greatly appreciate the dedication of these public safety professionals. That’s why we strive to offer exceptional value in commercial flooring for their departments.

    Upgrade your space with OAK & STONE FLOORS. Contact us today for your free consultation and let us help you transform your home or business.

    Discover the Areas in Gresham, Oregon that Oak & Stone Floors Will Serve

    North Gresham

    •  Hamptom Inn
    •  Extended Stay America
    •  Frito-Lay
    •  Delestica
    •  Staples FC
    •  McDonalds

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min

    Wilkes East

    •  Four Points by Sheraton Portland East
    •  Gresham DMV
    •  Super 8 by Wyndham
    •  La Tapatia Market


    • ARCpoint Labs of Portland East
    • Walmart
    • Centennial High School
    • Centennial Middle School
    • Mccanns Medical

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min

    City Central

    • East County Health Center
    • Hood Village Apartments
    • Soft Touch Dental
    • Pediatric Therapy Services

    North Central

    • Natural Grocers
    • Microchip Technology Inc.
    • Kaiser Permanente Rockwood Medical Office
    • Walgreen
    • Goodwill Industries of Columbia Willamette
    • Gresham Shopping Square
    • AutoZone Auto Parts
    • Highland Elementary School
    • Weston Kia
    • Weston Buick GMC
    • Abby’s Legendary Pizza
    • Suburban Mobile Estates
    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Adlercrest Apartments
    • North Gresham Elementary School
    • Little Professors Preschool

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min


    • Ross Dress for Less
    • Best Buy
    • Gresham History Museum
    • Main City Park
    • US Foods Chef’s Store
    • World Market
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods
    • PetSmart
    • Joann Fabric and Crafts
    • U.S. Postal Service
    • Gresham Civic Center


    • Lennar at Homestead
    • Brookside by Lennar
    • Oxford House Wonderview
    • Butler Creek Elementary School
    • Ukr Transport, Fleurs Versailles
    • Spraymax Solutions
    • Gresham Fire & Emergency Services
    • Homestead Estates
    • Caseys Movers

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min

    Holly Brook

    • Hollydale Elementary School
    • Trailmark
    • Creations For Cures
    • Powell Street Station Apartments
    • Stepping Stone Daycare Center


    • Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Gresham
    • Quality Inn, Albertsons
    • Mt. Hood Community College
    • Gresham Golf Course
    • Safeway
    • Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center
    • Alvista 23
    • The Groves
    • FedEx Onsite

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min

    Powell Valley

    • Marshalls
    • WinCo Foods
    • Fred Meyer
    • Thorns Sports Complex
    • Walgreens
    • 7-Eleven
    • Oriental Food Value
    • Legacy GoHealth Urgent Care
    • Gresham Powersports Heather Bee’s Floral Design
    • Superior Home Improvement
    • Timber Ridge Apartments
    • Kane Garden Court
    • Cedar Violla
    • Kelly Green Apartments
    • Gresham Park Apartments

    Gresham Butte

    • Al’s Garden & Home
    • Angel Hands CPR
    •  Chase Tile
    • Money Saver Mini Storage
    • Mutual Materials Co.
    • Tiffany Deere – Independent Scentsy Consultant

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min

    Mt. Hood

    • Parkside Apartments
    • Springwater Trail High School
    • Alpine Meadows Apartments
    • Hogan Meadows
    • The Arden Apartments
    • Aspen Highlands Apartments
    • White Country Meats

    Kelly Creek

    • Blue Pine Grill
    • Regency Gresham
    • Rescue Ministries
    • Heads & Tails Grooming
    • Liquid Tight Boardwear
    • Mac’s Furnace
    • Columbia Equine Hospital
    • Rafael Nursery
    • Sam Barlow High School
    • Ekstrom Nursery
    • Stay Awhile Care Home
    • Powell Valley Elementary School
    • Eric’s Heavenly Home Care
    • Kelly Creek Elementary School

    Group 13 min
    Group 13 min


    • Walmart Neighborhood Market
    • Dexter McCarty Middle School
    •  GBSD Tech Center
    • Sunwood Apartments
    •  Mountain High Apartments
    • O’Hara’s Manor
    • Elizabeth Ann Apartments

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    Choosing the Right Flooring: Commercial or Residential Options for Your Gresham, Oregon Property

    Are you in the market for new flooring for your Gresham, Oregon property? Whether it’s a home, office, or commercial space, you’ll likely be presented with two main options: commercial and residential flooring. While homeowners may be familiar with the differences in materials and styles, understanding the distinctions between flooring designed for residential and commercial use is crucial for making the right choice.

    If you’re renovating or building a new property, it’s essential to grasp the disparities between residential and commercial floors before making a decision. Knowing the significant variances between these two types of flooring will ensure that you invest in high-quality flooring that meets your needs.

    What is Commercial Flooring?

    When considering the various types of flooring, the first thing to consider is the function of the space. The usage of the space largely determines the type of flooring required. In a commercial setting, the floors must be durable, considering the higher foot traffic and rugged conditions they will be subjected to. These are conditions that the average home wouldn’t typically face.

    Commercial-grade floors are specifically designed to handle the demands of commercial spaces. Business owners selecting new flooring for their retail, commercial, or industrial properties need to make a wise investment that will serve them for years to come.

    When choosing commercial flooring, take into account the following factors that are unique to your application:

    Strength and Durability: Commercial floors must bear more weight than their residential counterparts. With constant traffic from employees, customers, and suppliers, commercial flooring needs to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, commercial spaces require flooring that can handle the weight of office furniture and equipment in the long run.

    Cleaning and Maintenance: Commercial flooring is subject to frequent and sometimes harsh cleaning, particularly in industries such as food service and healthcare. Some flooring types, like wood or tile, may not hold up well after years of daily scrubbing. Synthetic flooring designed for commercial use can be repeatedly cleaned without damage or wear.

    Unique Requirements: Certain commercial spaces have unique considerations that must be met by the flooring. For example, soundproofing is necessary in some areas, which can be achieved with specialized rubber or synthetic commercial flooring. Waterproof capabilities are also often required, with most commercial floor coverings being resistant to moisture to prevent breakdown and bubbling.

    Oak & Stone van
    Oak & Stone van

    What Is Residential Flooring?

    Residential flooring is intended for homes and needs to create a warm and inviting environment that reflects the homeowner’s personal taste. When homeowners seek new flooring, they are usually looking to refresh the look of their home. Updating flooring is a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance a home’s style and increase its resale value.

    When searching for the right residential floors for your home, consider the following factors to find the perfect fit:

    Options and Variety: Residential flooring typically falls into two broad categories: carpet or solid flooring. With carpet, you have various options in terms of texture and weave, including plush, frieze, and cut pile. Solid flooring choices range from laminate, solid hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

    Cleaning and Upkeep: Homes with children and pets have different flooring needs compared to those with an empty nest. Light-colored carpets may look elegant, but they may not be practical when spills and messes are more likely. When selecting residential flooring, always consider the cleaning requirements. Solid flooring options like laminate, vinyl, and hardwood are more convenient and conducive to regular cleaning.

    Room Variables: When replacing the flooring in your home, you may opt for different types of flooring in different rooms. Bedrooms often feature carpet or hardwood, while bathrooms commonly have tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring.

    When choosing new residential flooring, it’s important to make a selection that will stand the test of time. With proper maintenance and care, many homeowners can enjoy their flooring for over a decade. Opting for high-quality flooring in a timeless style ensures longevity and a worthwhile investment in your residential property.

    Discover the Key Differences Between Commercial and Residential Flooring

    When it comes to flooring, one size does not fit all. Commercial and residential flooring are designed to meet different needs, resulting in variations in construction, durability, and installation methods. While you can find similar flooring options for both settings, such as carpet or laminate, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of each application.
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    Key Distinctions Between Commercial and Residential Flooring

    Features: Commercial flooring is built to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial environments, boasting features like waterproofing, heat resistance, moisture repellence, soundproofing, slip resistance, and corrosion resistance. Conversely, residential flooring focuses on aesthetics and comfort, prioritizing a tasteful appearance and a cozy feel.

    Selection: Residential flooring offers more flexibility in terms of style, with a wider range of textures and colors available to match the unique tastes of homeowners. Commercial spaces can often utilize simpler, neutral styles, like commercial grade carpet, which may be less plush and luxurious than what you would find in a residential setting.

    Price: The cost of commercial and residential flooring also varies. A home typically requires less flooring compared to a commercial space, and different areas of a house may call for different types of flooring. This means that certain rooms, like bathrooms, may require smaller quantities of flooring. Generally, commercial flooring tends to be more expensive, with the price depending on the quality and durability of the product.

    The True Difference: Ultimately, the distinguishing factor between commercial and residential flooring lies in their density. Commercial flooring requires a much harder material, whereas residential flooring prioritizes comfort and softness.

    Make an informed decision about your flooring needs. Consider the unique demands of your space, whether commercial or residential, and choose the flooring that best suits your style, durability requirements, and budget.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Vinyl plank flooring has become the preferred choice for many owners, thanks to its unmatched durability. It is designed to withstand messes and offers the perfect alternative to real wood flooring. Composed of multiple synthetic layers, vinyl plank stands out as a waterproof flooring option that provides endless customization possibilities. It can handle heavy furniture and even high heels without a hitch. Its protective finishes and wear layers ensure remarkable resistance to scuffs, making it a reliable, long-lasting investment.
    Enhance Your Floors with Accent Borders: Elevate your space with the addition of a sleek and stylish accent border. Designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between different types of floors, this thin border is the perfect touch of elegance. Customize your border by opting for materials that match one of your floors or make a statement with bold and eye-catching mosaic tiles. Transform your space effortlessly with accent borders that effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetic appeal.
    Discover the secret to making any room look larger than it actually is – through the strategic installation of flooring. By opting for flooring boards that run parallel to the longest wall in the room, you can instantly create the illusion of spaciousness. Uncover the trade trick that will transform any space into a grander and more expansive environment.
    There are three main types of vinyl flooring: LVT (luxury vinyl tile), LVP (luxury vinyl plank), and sheet vinyl. The best option for you and your home will depend on several factors including your style preferences, installation considerations, and budget factors. Let us assist you in making the best choice.
    Installing flooring in your home can be a time-consuming process, with tile flooring taking the longest to install, usually around 6 days. However, other flooring types such as luxury vinyl plank and wood are typically quicker to install. One of the reasons for this is our ability to tailor the demolition process to meet specific requirements, ensuring efficient and precise execution.