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Carpet Is A Great Choice For Home Flooring

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Why Carpet Is A Great Choice For Home Flooring

With the heavy marketing and promotion of solid hardwoods, luxury vinyl planks (LVP), laminate wood flooring, and some of the realistic looking resilient vinyl flooring options, many have dismissed carpet flooring as a viable home flooring option. Some homeowners are convinced that carpet is difficult to maintain, that it stains easily, and that it hosts allergens, leading to allergy aggravation. You may wonder, are these valid concerns. Below, we will address these issues and see where the chips may fall.

Carpet Flooring Maintenance

Is carpet difficult to maintain? In short, no, not really. The maintenance and upkeep of carpet is quite easy; with little labor involved. In reality, the pleasure of keeping your carpet maintained can be a joy to carry out. The key to keeping the joy in maintaining your carpet is frequency. In other words, do not neglect your carpet, but clean it frequently.

If you simply pay attention to your carpet by looking at it and observing it on a daily basis; you will automatically see and be on top of spills and, as a result, your carpet maintenance will be a whiz as you keep it looking fresh and beautiful.

It is recommended that you vacuum at least once a week. Do a deep clean at least once a year. Reference the recommendations of your carpet manufacturer, so you’ll be sure to maintain it in accordance with any possible warranty limitations. Remove spills quickly to avoid stains. Aside from the above, regularly monitor high use areas and pay attention to damaging factors, such as sparks emitted from a wood stove, etc. If you stick with it, maintaining your home’s carpet should be easier and less stressful than keeping your mini blinds clean. Anything is easier than mini blinds, right?

Carpet Flooring’s Ease Of Maintenance

Carpet is simple and cost effective to maintain. All that’s required is weekly vacuuming and routine deep cleaning, and expedient spot cleaning of spills. These tasks require little effort. Over the span of a decade, the maintenance costs of maintaining carpet can beat out that of other flooring options. Refinishing a hardwood floor is expensive. A hardwood floor will need to be refinished. Tile flooring, with its grout joints, can require resealing of the grout and some types of tile or stone will require re-polishing. Carpet has no expensive maintenance requirements.

Carpet Flooring & Health

Does carpet flooring host allergens? It can, but don’t let that fact, alone, spook you away from carpet. Every house hosts allergens, so whether you have carpet or hardwood, those allergens are in your home. Carpet fibers can harbor dust mites, allergens, and other airborne particles; however, without carpet, those airborne elements do not magically disappear from your home. They’ll fall to the hardwood, luxury vinyl and the laminate wood flooring, just like they will fall to your carpet flooring.

One of the espoused benefits of carpet flooring is that it can potentially keep the particles and dust mites out of the air. Acting much like a filter, carpet may reduce the amount of particles that are recycled back into the air. The key to reducing the overall load of dust mites and allergens in your home, whether carpeted or decked out with hardwood, is regular, consistent cleaning. The more often you vacuum your carpet, the less dust and allergens the carpet will contain. Hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and resilient flooring, do not catch dust; allowing the dust and allergens to waft back into the air. With frequent vacuuming, carpet can be the better flooring for maintaining cleaner air in your home.

Carpet Flooring & Comfort

In terms of comfort, carpet is hands down a great flooring option. No other flooring provides the comfort of carpet. The soft, plush textures of carpet envelops you in that comfortable feeling of a warm, cozy, family setting. Most parents choose carpet when raising a family. It has that iconic look of a home made to stretch out in, with the coziness and softness for children to grow up with. Carpet is comfortable and you won’t be sitting on a cold, hardwood floor come Christmas morning.

Carpet Flooring & Safety

Safety is an important factor for parents with children or with elderly parents that have moved in. The softness of carpet can cushion falls and provide a higher degree of safety for children as they play and run about the house. Hard floor surfaces do not cushion impacts and can pose slip dangers for children and elders. Some may place area rugs or mats on hard surface flooring, but these too can pose dangers to children and the elderly; presenting a slip or trip hazard.

Customizing Carpet Flooring

In 2022, the options that are available in carpet flooring allow you to install a multitude of colors, textures, patterns, and fiber types. Today’s carpets aren’t neutral flooring fillers, they can be pivotal design elements that add elegance to the décor of any room. Newer styles include high and low loops, layered textures, and patterns in myriad shapes and sizes. It allows for broad versatility in complimenting furniture as well as wall colors and spatial variances.

Carpet Flooring & Stains

We left the best for last, stains! Stains will not be a problem with your carpet flooring if you purchase a carpet fiber that is stain resistant. Most carpet flooring, today, provides natural, infused, or topically applied stain resistant solutions. Aside from that, if you simply look at your carpet regularly and pay attention to it, you are going to notice spills. Spills left unattended for long periods can increase the difficulty of removal or the ability to totally remove a stain.

While anecdotal evidence is not scientific, we offer the following customer story in support of the ease of removing stains.

One of our customers asked us about the best way to clean carpet, because her husband had accidentally spilled coffee on their new, light colored carpet. The wife, who works at a local school, asked the janitor for his suggestion on cleaners that might remove the coffee stain. She gave his suggestions a try, but none of them worked. Then she reached out to us. We went out to her house and sprayed FOLEX® Instant Carpet Spot Remover on the coffee stain and it took it right out. She was shocked!

OAK & STONE FLOORS does carry FOLEX® Instant Carpet Spot Remover at its stores. If you have a stain in your carpet, consider stopping buy to pick up a bottle.

Ingredients In FOLEX® Instant Carpet Spot Remover

  • Water, as a Carrier
  • Acrylic Polymer (No Free Acrylic Acid), as a Chelant
  • Trisodium Dicarboxy Alaninate, as a Chelant
  • Sodium Silicate, as a Corrosian Inhibitor
  • Ethoxylate Alcohol, as a Surfactant
  • Primary Arnine (No DEA), as a ph Buffer

If you are interested in browsing carpet options for your home, please stop by our showroom and take a look. We will enjoy assisting you. If it is more convenient for you, we can bring carpet samples to your home with our mobile, Shop-At-Home, flooring van.

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